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  CE Certification 

Many of OOT's explosive products are now CE Certified.  Certification is done by family/sub-family.  Shortly, those products that are CE certified will be marked with the CE mark and the mark of the CE Notified Body.  HAZLIST On-line shows the CE certification status of each item, and if an item is certified, provides a link to the appropriate certificate.  See the following examples:

location of CE Status in HAZLIST On-line

location of CE Certificate link in HAZLIST On-line


Module B Certifications. The following table provides a summary of the families/sub-families that have been CE Certified (Module B) and provides a link to the certificate. (Table updated 3/14/2019)

Module B Certificates for Owen Oil Tools Products
(listed by family and sub-family)


Sub-family (Certificate No.)

Bi-directional booster

Certificate:  (0080.EXP.01.0011)

EU Declaration of Conformity Bi-directional boosters Updated 3/14/2019

Cartridges (incl. Kodiak)

Certificate:  (0080.EXP.01.0012)

EU Declaration of Conformity Cartridges  Updated 3/14/2019



Segmented casing cutters:  (0080.EXP.01.0014)

EU Declaration of Conformity Segmented Cutters  Updated 3/14/2019

SplitShot™ Cutters:  (0080.EXP.01.0015)

EU Declaration of Conformity SplitShot Cutters  Updated 3/14/2019

Electric detonators

Electric detonators:  (0080.EXP.01.0020)


EU Declaration of Conformity Electric Detonators  Updated 3/14/2019


Certificate: (0080.EXP.01.0024)

EU Declaration of Conformity Igniters  Updated 3/14/2019

Non-electric detonators

Detonators: (0080.EXP.01.0026) 

EU Declaration of Conformity Non-electric detonators  Updated 3/14/2019 

Perforators, open 

Perforators, open:  (0080.EXP.01.0032) 

EU Declaration of Conformity Perforators, open  Updated 6/4/2019

Perforators, closed

Shogun: (0080.EXP.01.0033)

EU Declaration of Conformity Perforators, closed  Updated 6/4/2019

Power charges  

Power Charges: (0080.EXP.12.0015)

EU Declaration of Conformity Power Charges  Updated 3/14/2019

Stim™ Stim: (0080.EXP.18.0017)
EU Declaration of Conformity Stim  Updated 3/14/2019

Owen Oil Tools Canada CE Certificates

Open Face Perforators
added 06/11/2012

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User Certification/Registration; Compliance with National User Requirements

The CE Certification is obtained based upon examination of manufacturing and quality control processes.  Thus it is manufacturer responsibility and the manufacturer is obligated to obtain CE certification for its products.

There are many additional requirements regarding the import, storage, and use of explosives.  These requirements vary widely from country to country, and are intended for user compliance.  OOT is not a user of its products and is not obligated to meet these requirements and it is our position that compliance with user requirements is the responsibility of our customers.  

However, we want to provide reasonable assistance to our customers in meeting these user requirements. We have made available, on the OCS website, a wide selection of information and data for its customer use.  For your convenience, a number of the sources for this information are listed below.  If you need additional assistance, we suggest that you send your request to us at

Click here to read a notice from OCS regarding compliance with user requirements.

OCS QuickLinks:

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Status of GOEX International CE Certification for Perforators
updated 1/9/2006

All CE certifications issued by the UK Notified Body to GOEX International (and subsequently Owen Oil Tools) have been cancelled.  Items formerly covered by the UK certifications will be submitted to the French Notified Body for inclusion on the appropriate Owen certificates.  

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Module D (Production Quality Assurance) Certification

OOT has received Module D certification.  Click here for a copy of the Module D certificate.

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