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Welcome to the home of HAZLIST On-line!  This service provided by Owen Compliance Services, Inc. allows you to search the entire HAZLIST database without having to download large files or look through pages of a hard copy.  In addition, there is information contained in the on-line version of the database (such as packing details) not accessible in the printed or PDF versions.

If you encounter any problems with this database, please report them to so that we can correct them.

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The problem with EX-numbers for shipments to Canada has been repaired.  The correct EX-number to be used for shipments to Canada is now shown for each entry in the "Canada Authorized List" section of HAZLIST On-line.  In most cases, this EX-number will be the same as shown under "Approvals", but in certain cases, the EX-number for Canada will be different.  Please refer to the proper field for the information you need.

Special note about shipments of explosives to, from, and/or through Canada.  Products that are approved are listed on the List of Authorized Explosives published by the Explosives Regulatory Division of Natural Resources Canada

Please note that there are two approval sections available in HAZLIST On-line:  1) Approvals -- applies to USA and worldwide (except Canada), and 2) Canada Authorized List (applies to Canada).  If the information in the Canada Authorized List section for a product is blank, that product is not approved in Canada and may not be shipped into, out of, or through Canada. 

No warranty is given by Owen Compliance Services, Inc. or Owen Oil Tools as to the applicability of information in the "Approvals" section of HAZLIST On-line for movement of explosives in, through, or out of Canada.  Please refer only to the "Canada Authorized List" section of HAZLIST On-line for this information.

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