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Canadian Explosives Classifications/Approvals and Annual Importation Permits


Locations  (updated 1/19/2012)  
Explosives Approvals  (updated 1/2/2013)
Annual Importation Permit  (updated 8/3/2017)
Other Resources

Locations.  (updated 10/19/2015)

Owen Oil Tools operates in Canada as Owen Oil Tools a Division of Core Laboratories Canada Ltd (OwenCan).  OwenCan explosives operations are located in:

  • Brooks, AB -- Product sales/distribution

  • Calgary, AB -- Canadian headquarters of Core Laboratories Canada Ltd.

  • Estevan, SK -- Product sales/distribution

  • Grand Prairie, AB -- Product sales/distribution

  • Lloydminster, AB -- Product sales/distribution

  • Medicine Hat, AB -- Product sales/distribution

  • Red Deer, AB -- Hardware manufacturing/distribution

  • Standard, AB -- Explosives manufacturing plant

  • Whitecourt, AB -- Product sales/distribution


Explosives Approvals.  (updated 1/2/2013)

All explosives imported into or manufactured, transported, possessed or used in Canada must be approved by the Chief Inspector of Explosives, Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and must appear on the ERD's List of Authorized Explosives (AuthList).  The AuthList may be inquired on-line by clicking here.   Additionally, the following searchable PDFs are currently available:


Annual Importation Permit.  (updated 08/03/2017)

Importation Permits are required for the importation into Canada of any explosive in accordance with its type and quantity.  The following documents related to OwenCan's annual importation permit are available:


Other Resources.  

Links to other resources on this topic will be posted here as they become available.




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