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Welcome to the Owen Compliance Services, Inc. website. OCS is the regulatory compliance programs subsidiary of Owen Oil Tools, LP.   

For an org chart that shows who does what, please click here(updated 2/13/2018)

Programs we manage for Owen Oil Tools include:

  • USA and international classification and approval of explosives

  • ATF licensing and compliance programs.

  • HAZMAT training & compliance products.

  • Regulatory compliance assistance.


P.O. Box 765
12001 County Rd 1000
Godley, TX   76044
Tel: +1 (817) 551-0660
Fax: +1 (817) 302-0498
email: info@ocsresponds.com

About this site

Reference. The reference section is divided into several sections:

ATF – contains compliance documents for Owen Oil Tools, Inc. Included are a list of license locations, certified statement of intended use, and authorized purchasers list.

Classification – contains classification information for Owen Oil Tools, Inc. and Organic Technology, Inc. HAZMAT product families. Included is USDOT/UN classification data and links to relevant support documents.

Special Permits (formerly Exemptions) – contains information and links to USDOT exemptions used by Owen Oil Tools, Inc.

HAZLIST – contains detailed compliance information and documents for all Owen Oil Tools, Inc. and Organic Technology, Inc. HAZMAT products.  Download complete listings (PDF) or use the online database.

HAZCOM – Provides HAZCOM (HAZard COMmunication) data for OCS and OOT products.  Located here are material safety data sheets and emergency response guides, package marking and labeling information, and transport vehicle placarding information.

This is OCS – the most current OCS organizational chart 

UN – A collection of documents related to development international guidelines for transport of hazardous materials in international commerce.

Products. Information about the products offered by OCS.

Links. Links are provided to many of the Internet sites we use in our work at OCS. There are links to industry associations, government links, and various commercial links.

Other. OCS will be using this section to meet specialized needs of its clients (in other words, its there, but we don’t have a well defined plan for its use yet).

Feedback. You can send your feedback about the OCS website and to direct other correspondence to OCS.

Search. You can search the entire OCS website for the information you need.

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